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10 Natural Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used Instead of Pills

We know that excessive use of antibiotics is not good. Although you can get rid of bacteria, you can also weaken your immune system, and eventually the whole population would develop resistance to antibiotics. Our ancestors also had a solution for healing, using antibiotics from nature and it would be good to remind ourselves who these antibiotics are and possibly think about using them in case of an illness.

1. Grapefruit seed extract

Recent researches indicate that the seeds of this plant can be used in the fight against 800 types of viruses and bacteria.

2. Echinacea ( Coneflowers )

This plant is actually a real antibiotic and antiviral drug. However, before taking consult with an experienced herbalist who will recommend in which form you need to take it. Namely, in the market there are many products that contain very little or no active ingredients.


3. Fresh cabbage and sauerkraut

In addition of being packed with vitamin C, it really helps with digestion, and reproduction of beneficial bacteria. Most of our immune system is in the gut, so it is no wonder why this food is on the top of the list. But only buy cabbage from trusted manufacturers. Namely, it is stated that the leaves can contain multiple types of harmful pesticides.

4. Oregano and oregano oil

It is great for fighting infections, especially persistent fungi and parasites in the intestines. Add it to eggs and meat dishes.

5. Extra virgin coconut oil

There is too little space to describe the benefits of this oil. In addition to protecting us from bacteria and viruses, it is also great for cholesterol control, better work of the hormones etc.

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