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10 Weight Loss Hacks: Lose Weight Without Spilling a Drop of Sweat!

If you like to lose a few pounds without drastic dieting and counting calories, write down these 10 hacks and stick to them:

1. Dilute the juice with mineral water

Combine your favorite juice (half the usual amount) with plain or mineral water. This is how you can cut as much as 85 calories per cup and each year lose at least 2,3 kg.

2. Study the information on the composition of foods

You thought that candy, bags of snacks or juice that you have just consumed contains 200 calories, but if you look carefully at the label of the product, you will discover several shocking information about hidden sugars and additives that you need to remember.

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3. Drink green tea before you go for a walk

The caffeine releases fatty acids, which helps to facilitate the combustion of surplus fat. And when the polyphenols in the green tea work together with the caffeine, the effect is even greater. However, if you have high blood pressure, avoid this tip.

4. Use olive oil instead of margarine

Use olive oil on your bread. It’s healthier and will help you to eat less. According to one study, subjects who dipped their bread in olive oil were entering 52 calories less than those who used margarine.

5. Sprinkle your cereals with flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich have high levels of fiber and can help you to curb your appetite and eliminate calories. Add them to your morning cereal and pour it into yogurt, and you can bake some healthy biscuits with sesame linen and use them as healthy snacks at any time of the day.

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