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10 Weird Diet Tricks That Actually Work

Discover how to lose weight without much trouble and how to bring your body in perfect shape without excessive effort. Of course, no one says this is the best or most effective way, but in any case it is worth a try.

1. Selfies

Photographing your body once a week can help reduce fat by 2.6 %, reveals a study conducted in Spain. The authors found that looking at your waist week by week, helps you raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

2. Cardio intervals

You do not have to train more, but smarter. People who did intensive training for 8 months removed 3 centimeters of fat more than people who during the same period ran the track. Studies have shown that interval training forces the body to consume extra calories, for a longer period after leaving the gym.

2. Snack, then shopping

Before you go shopping, eat an apple. Research at the Cornell University found that people, who eat fruit before they go shopping, buy 28% less supplies and a large percentage avoids fast food. Also, the consumption of healthy snacks before shopping subconsciously influences what kind of foods you will buy.

4. Play video games

Playing video games reduces food cravings. People who play video games reduce the desire for food by up to 20%. Playing social games improves cognitive concentration which detracts our attention from food.

5. Follow your progress

Regular measurements can help in reducing weight. Overweight people that measure themselves regularly can lose up to 5.7 kg per year, apart from those who do not measure themselves.

6. Regular walks

If you do not exercise in the gym, a moderate 30-minute daily walk will help you lose 4 centimeters from your waist in just 12 weeks.

7. Almonds instead of sweets

The worst option for reducing hunger in the afternoon is the consumption of sweets. Eating almonds would be much smarter.

8. Chew slowly

In a Japanese research has been said that, slowly chewing the food will make you slimmer and fitter. The long chewing will give your brain more time to register that we are full. Besides, when we eat slowly, our blood pressure rises in a controlled rhythm, unlike the rapid growth when we eat very quickly.

9. Regular sleep

Sleep is crucial for the regulation of appetite. The scientists found that lack of sleep leads to increased levels of the hormone ghrelin, which controls appetite, and lowers the level of the leptin hormone, which sends our body the signal that we are no longer hungry.

10. Reward days

If you find it hard to stick to diets, decide on a certain day of the week when you reward yourself with something nice to eat. Studies have shown that “lying” once a week is really useful because it motivates us to stick to the diet according to plan.

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