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100% NATURAL BRONZE TAN: Make Your Own Self-Tanner With Only 2 Ingredients!

Summer is coming soon, and you can welcome the first summer days with a bronze tan. On the market, there are a lot of self-tanning products, creams, gels, lotions… But you can make one by yourself.

natural tan

You need a body lotion and cocoa powder. (You can make your own body lotion too.) The body lotion nourishes your skin and moisturizes, while the cocoa will temporarily color your skin. Add cocoa powder in the lotion that you already use for body care. Pour the same amount of lotion, about ¼ cup and the same amount goes for the cocoa powder too. Mix everything together.

You will get a dark-brown color lotion, but when applied to the skin the hue will become brighter.

Make sure that your skin absorbs the lotion before getting dressed, because otherwise it will leave stains. You will love this project, because it naturally fades away, and not to mention its chocolate smell!

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