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11 Health Benefits of Apples That Every Person Should Know


Apple is among the few fruits that contain an impressive list of essential nutrients required for healthy growth and development. Here are some health benefits of apple fruit:

1. Healthy Skin: – Apple is highly rich in elastin and collagen compounds that help prevent bad ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin.

To deal with sunburns pain, smash some apples pulp and mix with some little glycerin then apply on the skin for at least twenty minutes to sooth the burnt area…wash away with cold water afterward.

2. Fights Cancer: – According to research done by Medical Scientists from Cancer Research Institute, flavonoids quercetin and naringin (anti-oxidant) helps decrease the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Apple peels are rich in triterpenoids compound that hinders growth of cancer cells in the colon, liver and breast.

Also dietary fiber present decrease chances of colorectal cancer.

3. Weight loss: – Apples are very low in calories but highly rich in dietary fiber. These traits give apples a natural fat burning advantage…no wonder it’s favored in weight loss program. Fiber also helps curb hunger and allow the body to use its stored fats for energy. 

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4. Teeth Care: – When you eat apple, you help whiten your teeth. This because apple contain natural acidic properties that helps clean and whiten the teeth. The acid also kills bacteria which cause tooth decay. Its robustness also helps improve teeth and gum strength. 

5. Improve Immune System: – Foods rich in vitamin C, for example like apples, help strengthen your immune system and enhance high resistance to infections. 

6. Control diarrhea and Constipation: – The dietary fiber present helps normalizes bowel movements and softens the stool decreasing chances of constipation. It also help solidify loose or watery stools by absorbs water from it. 

7. Heat Health: – Studies show soluble fiber like that in apples helps protect the heart. Soluble fiber prevents bad cholesterol from building up in the artery walls hence allowing smooth flow of blood in and out of the heart decreasing risks of coronary artery disease. 

8. Prevent Gallstones: – Gallstones occurs when cholesterol solidifies in your bile. This condition is particularly common in the obese. To help prevent gallstones, medical expects recommend a diet rich in fiber to curb obesity and cholesterol levels… and apple is defiantly one of them. 

9. Detoxification: – Apple fruit is an excellent source of detoxifying agents. It helps detoxify the liver from harmful toxins, which may cause harm to your health. 

10. Eye Health: – Diet rich in fruits and greens that contain powerful antioxidants—like those in apple—help prevent growth of cataracts, which affect good eyesight. 

11. Decrease Risks of Diabetes: – Eating at least one apple a day helps decrease diabetes risks. Apple contain pectin compound that supplies galacturonic acid to the body. Galacturonic acid helps lower the body’s need for insulin. The soluble fiber present helps regulate blood sugar imbalance. 

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