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12 Folk Remedies For a TOOTHACHE You Didn’t Know About


Proper hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist can maintain the health of your teeth, but if you still got toothache, you can help yourself with some of these folk medicines:

1) Ice

Press the ice to the painful area and the pain will go away for a minute or two.

2) Cucumber

Cut the cucumber into thick slices, place it on the aching tooth, hold for 15 minutes and spit.

3) Mint

Take a pinch of mint, hold on the painful tooth 15 minutes and spit. The mint works 2 ways: it pulls abscess to the surface, and calms the pain

.Mint plant

4) Garlic

Put a clove of garlic and salt on the aching tooth. It also helps if a sterile gauze is soaked with juice of garlic and put it on the sore spot. If you can chew one clove of garlic every morning and evening, it will strengthen your teeth and gums.

5) Clove

Clove is a powerful antiseptic and anesthetic. You can chew clove or use the clove oil on the tooth.

6) Hot peppers

A piece of cotton wool dampen with water, roll in minced hot pepper and put on the painful area. Do not use it on your gums

One thought on “12 Folk Remedies For a TOOTHACHE You Didn’t Know About

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