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12 Health Problems Caused by NOT Drinking Enough Water

Surely, many times have you heard that you should drink a lot of water, and yet you don’t pay much attention to that. Dehydration is widespread phenomenon. Most people are not even aware when they are missing fluids in their body, so they themselves should take care of how much water they drink, and that is at least two liters a day. If this does not happen, there is a risk of occurrence of any or more of these 12 health disorders:

drink water

1. Fatigue and lack of energy. Enzyme activities slow down and cause a feeling of fatigue. This also leads to frequent mood swings.

2. Premature aging. The amount of fluids in the body falls from 80% in infants, and 70% or less as we grow or get old. The lack of fluids accelerates the aging process.

3. Obesity. Dehydration deceives the brain that you feel hunger and makes you eat more than necessary. At the same time, the lack of water slows down the metabolism.

4. High or low blood pressure. Lack of fluids disrupts the blood pressure, because the blood constantly needs new fluids.

5. Cholesterol. When the body loses fluids, it begins to produce cholesterol in order to stop these losses.

6. Constipation. Intestines draw water from the food that was previously digested in the stomach. Therefore, if you don’t drink enough water, that food causes constipation.


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