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14 Cancer – Causing Foods You Should Never Put in Your Mouth Again

A research by the American Institute for Cancer has shown that a lot of cancers can be prevented. The scientists estimate that 60-70% of cancers are preventable through available information and changes in lifestyle and diet.

This article will show you some of the changes you could make in your diet that will improve your health, and avoid the toxins that could increase the chances of cancer.

1. Cured and smoked foods – nitrites and nitrates act as preservatives to stop the food from spoiling. When cooked, they change into N-nitroso compounds, like nitrosamides and nitrosamines. These compounds are connected with an increased risk of cancer.

2. BPA lined cans – studies in animals and cells have associated BPA to infertility, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

3. Farmed fish – contain higher levels of chemical pollutants, including PCB which is a known carcinogen.

4. Grilled meat – PAHs are produces through certain kinds of combustion, like the burning of wood or coal. When fat from the meat drips onto the fire, creating a smoke, this allows the PAHs to stick themselves to the food, and increasing the risk for carcinogenic exposure.

5. GMOs – avoid this kind of foods altogether, if possible.

6. Microwave popcorn – linked with PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), Perfluoroalkyls and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate). These chemicals when heated, they leach into the popcorn.

7. Hydrogenated oils – also known as trans-fats, which promote inflammation and immune system over-activity, and are linked to stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

8. Non organic fruits and vegetables – grown with GMO seeds, pesticides and herbicides.

9. Sugar – cancer cells prosper on sugar and any food that turns to sugar, like pastas, grains, breads, carbs, and most fruits.

10. Refined sugars – there is a link between sugar and many problems like low HDL levels, unhealthy levels of blood fats, higher blood triglyceride, increased risk for heart disease, immune suppression, obesity, arthritis etc.

11. Processed foods – full of unhealthy ingredients, which can increase the risk of abdomen and other cancers.

12. Soda/sports drinks – contain unhealthy ingredients, and can steal your body of the much needed minerals and vitamins.

13. White flour – grown with seeds treated with fungicide, and then sprayed with pesticides. This increases the toxic load.

14. Soy protein isolate – contain anti-nutrients that can detain the body’s ability to digest food. Soy also goes through an industrial manufacturing process of washing acid in aluminum tanks, which is very toxic to the kidneys and nervous system.

Photo credits: thinklean.net

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