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14 Great Reasons Why You Should Never Throw Away A Banana Peel

Bananas surely are the most favorite fruit among people, because it’s rich in nutrients, has fantastic taste and is a great addition to various treats. Did you know that you can also take advantage of their peel? We present to you some interesting use of banana peels:

banana peel

1. Polishing shoes. Just rub the shoe with the inside of the peel, and then shine the surface of the shoe with a soft cloth.

2. Soften meat. Add a ripe banana peel while cooking meat, in order for the meat to stay soft and juicy.

3. Feed the roses. The banana’s peel is rich in calcium and magnesium, which is something that the flowers love. Leave a banana peel next to the root.

4. Reduce rash and itching. If you rub the inside of the peel on the place of insect bites or dry skin, it will reduce the itching and redness.

5. Flowers shine. You can wipe dust and dirt off the flower leaves with the inside of the peel.

6. Polish silver. Mix banana peel with water, then put the mix on a soft cloth and polish the silver.

7. Get rid of plant lice. Place the banana peel in your garden to chase away unwanted pests.

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