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15 Foods From Around The World That Act Like Hangover Cure

Once in a while, it can happen to anyone to overdo with alcohol, especially around holidays and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, but how to survive the morning after?

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We offer you a list of foods that you probably have in your kitchen, more or less, but they are the foods that can help you feel (and look) normal after a very drunk night 😛

1) Honey

Add some honey to your tea to raise the level of antioxidants.

2) Asparagus

Extracts of the leaves can strengthen the enzymes that broke down while you were drinking.

3) Bananas

They are rich in potassium and helps in restoring electrolytes that are lost while you are sweating off the alcohol from your body.

4) Spicy foods

If you stomach hurts, do not even think about it. But if you head is going to burst and you’re painfully aware of all your sinuses, you should probably know that spicy food acts as a natural decongestant.

5) Soup

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup is containing amino acids cysteine, which helps to get rid of mucus in the throat, which can accumulate in the case of a hangover.

6) Citrus

Although vitamin C is no longer considered to be all-powerful cure for the common cold and symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, citrus pulp contains flavonoids that help in raising immunity.

7) Crackers

Take unsalted or lightly salted crackers to ease the stomach and start the digestion.

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