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3 Big Mistakes That We ALL Make in The Toilet (But We Shouldn’t)

Probably you are not even aware of the mistakes you make when you go to the toilet, and these are not at all things that you should neglect.

Some things can cause various infections and inflammations. To prevent this, you must first find the mistakes that you make and do not repeat them.

woman on toilet seat

1. You sit too long

It often happens when you need to run to the toilet and it does not go as easily as you thought, you need to stay on the toilet seat longer. You strain and thereby encouraging the development of hemorrhoids.

If you have a problem with your bowels do not sit unnecessarily, but stand up, walk, because in that way you will get your digestive system to work.

2. Wiping too much

In this case less is more. Toilet paper irritates the perianal skin, which leads to itching and inflammation. It is suffice to wipe yourself once or twice, and if more is necessary that means that you have not completed the work to the end. Pick out soft toilet paper without additional aromas and perfumes, because they can irritate your skin.

3. You wipe yourself in the wrong direction

Many women unknowingly make this mistake after urinating and wipe themselves rear to front. In that way they transfer the bacteria from the rectum to the urethra.

Unlike men, woman’s urethra is shorter and in that way bacteria can faster and more easily reach the bladder and cause urinary infections. Therefore always wipe from front to back.

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