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3 Effective Natural Cures For Bronchitis And Cough [RECIPES]

If you feel exhausted, coughing a lot and you have a fever, your cold has probably morphed into acute bronchitis. Before you ask for a drug by doctors, try some folk remedies and teas. If you are pregnant or nursing mothers it’s recommended that you first talk to your physician.

1. Horseradish – It’s easier to cough up

Horseradish is an excellent plant against bronchitis. It acts as a diuretic and stimulates digestion. The horseradish is excellent as a preventative from bronchitis and it is recommended when there are a lot of infections, especially in winter. It contains glucosinolates, compounds that are diluting the secretion, thereby the expectorating will be easier.



You can make the remedy by blending two cups of honey, half a cup of grated ginger and half a cup of grated horseradish. Thus prepared mixture should stand for two weeks. After that, take a tablespoon a day, every morning, and if you think that the mix is too strong for you, put one teaspoon in a tea and drink it.

According to some studies, high amounts of glucosinolates in the horseradish can increase the body’s immune response to cancer.

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