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3 Foods That Can Replace Your Toothbrush

Since childhood, our parents and dentists teach us that teeth should be washed after each meal at least 2 minutes. But, if you are in a situation where you cannot do this, there are several foods that can help remove food particles between the teeth.

eating celery

Nibbling on these crispy and hard fruits and vegetables, causes secretion of saliva that destroys bacteria and keeps your teeth healthy and clean.


Apples contain phosphorus, calcium and fluoride that prevent the development of caries, and it has been proved that this fruit cleans the teeth better than any brush, acting twofold, mechanical and physical.


Chewing a carrot stimulates the secretion of saliva, which helps remove food particles. In addition, the fibers in carrots act as a toothbrush for the teeth and gums.


Celery protects the teeth in two ways. Chewing on celery causes secretion of a substance, that neutralizes the bacteria that causes caries. Also, while chewing it penetrates between the teeth, massages the gums and cleans the oral cavity.

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