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3 Natural Aphrodisiacs To Turn The Heat On!

Natural aphrodisiac foods work through one of two different means. The first way is through stimulating the sex drive through external psychological means. This generally means that the food insinuates sex to the person mentally through sight, smell, or some other external means.
Couple eating chocolates
The other way that food serves as male aphrodisiacs or female aphrodisiacs is by stimulating the sex drive internally. The sex drive is created through increases in hormones in the body, or by increasing the body’s overall health. Nearly every human civilization since the dawn of man has had their own Aphrodisiacs cookbook of sorts. The concept that food could improve upon a person’s sex drive and fertility has been very important to man since antiquity. Below are some of the foods believed to be the most effective as aphrodisiacs:

1. Chocolate

chocolate hearts
Chocolates have always been considered especially good female aphrodisiacs. Chocolate is naturally both a stimulant and a relaxing agent simultaneously. The aspect that causes the person to relax also helps him or her to lower his or her inhibitions. The stimulant side of the food, which is predominantly caffeine, causes the person to have greater attentiveness which can allow desire to also increase. No aphrodisiacs cookbook would be complete without a few chocolate recipes.

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