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3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Sleep With a WET HAIR

Falling asleep with a wet hair rolled up in a towel isn’t at all harmless.

Experts have proven that the myths that sleeping with wet hair will cause pneumonia or colds are false, this habit can still affect your health.

hair in towel

1. Causes headaches

– Unlike non-REM sleep phase, in REM phase body temperature rises.

– Then also the rolled up head in a towel gets heated so the humidity and rise in temperature can cause headaches.

2. Creates fungi

– It is not unknown that pillows are “home” for bacteria and dust mites, because they soak up sweat, oils from the body and dead skin cells. The damp hair will wet the towel, and it will move the moisture on the pillow and pillowcase and then, mixed with heat, pillows become productive ground for the development of fungi.

– We often do not get to bring them on air in the morning to ventilate and dry, mainly during the winter months, due to bigger precipitation and all that favors the spread of bacteria.

3. Breaks the hair

– During the night we always nest and sleep on our hair, and that does not suit our hair, which in such conditions can easily break, especially when it’s wet.


You just have to be cautious if you sleep with your head rolled up in a towel. In everyday situations wearing it is harmless and it can be of great help in “hairdressing”.

One thought on “3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Sleep With a WET HAIR

  • October 3, 2015 at 7:57 am

    This really gave some good insights. I am guilty of doing this few times. Will keep this in mind.


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