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30 UNHEALTHY Foods You Mistake as Healthy and Their Surprising SWAPS

People are led to believe that some unhealthy foods are actually healthy. Here is a list of foods, where you can try a new recipe using a “healthy swap”.

1. Pasta < Spaghetti squash

– Substituting a cup of spaghetti squash in place of spaghetti pasta saves you 179 calories. Switching to squash converts to 2.5 pounds of weight loss over the course of a year. Spaghetti squash provides a source of the essential minerals zinc, calcium, copper, selenium and manganese.

2. Skim milk < Almond, hemp or coconut milk

– Skim milk contains 12 grams of sugar and 90 calories. Unsweetened hemp, almond or coconut milk won’t contain nasty additives found in dairy milk, and it will be without any sugar and the calories will be cut in half.

almond-banana milk

3. Soy sauce < Coconut aminos

– Most notable benefit of coconut aminos is the impressive amino acid content. Soy on the other hand has been shown to be a hormone disrupter. People with any sort of endocrine system imbalance (hormones, thyroid and adrenal glands) or autoimmune system should avoid soy, because of its negative effects on the body.

4. Agave nectar (refined sugar) < Raw honey

– Agave nectar contains 70 – 80 percent fructose. Raw honey has antibacterial, anti-viral and antifungal properties. It also strengthens the immune system, is a powerful antioxidant, eliminates allergies, it is a great remedy for all types of infections and skin wounds.

– 12 amazing beauty benefits of honey: acne, scars, moisturizer, hair conditioner, hair lightener, hair removal, anti-aging, lip-scrub, nail conditioner, razor bump, dark circles, eczema.

5. Gatorade (or any sports or energy drinks) < Coconut water

– Coconut water (“Nature’s Gatorade), contains many of the same benefits as formulated energy drinks, such as magnesium, electrolytes calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, but in their natural form.

6. Sugar – laden latte < Organic black coffee with butter or coconut oil

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