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4 Facts That Will Change Your Diet Forever

Often we have an opinion about a particular food that is good and healthy for us, but experts can easily change your opinion.


When people hear “fat”, immediately think of the worst. There are those kinds of fat that lower cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Food such as walnuts, hazelnuts, avocado, fish, olive oil… belongs to the category of good fats.



Salt is one of the food supplements that every woman should keep off. Already prepared meals or popularly known as takeout, purchased from a supermarket, contain large amounts of salt and that is why they should be avoided and you should eat fresh meals.

Vitamins and minerals

There are so many ingredients that are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and that is why you cannot concentrate on just one. All you have to do is keep your focus on fresh food and try to consume as many vitamins and minerals as you can, but not as a supplements.


Artificial sugar is rapidly absorbed thus instantly provide you with energy. But that energy can very quickly be wasted. And our body surely needs sugar to function properly, therefore, make sure to enter sugar in your body in a natural way 🙂

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