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4 Great Homemade Coconut Oil Products That Every Household Needs [RECIPES]

What is great about the coconut oil is that it has healthy fat content and has the ability to last about 2 years without going sour. Other benefits that coconut oil carries are: building up a strong metabolism and boosting your metabolism for weight loss. Also, countries with high coconut consumption tend to have reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Here are 4 ways to make coconut oil products:

1. Homemade hair mask

homemade hair mask

A mixture of coconut oil and castor oil will give your hair some boost. This helps if your hair is dry, and it can also boost the growth of longer and healthier hair.


– ½ cup Castor Oil

– ½ cup Coconut Oil

Add these ingredients in a microwave in a bowl, and melt them for 30 seconds, or even better, you can set it in the sun. Then apply it to the roots which will help your hair grow stronger and healthier. Also, you can apply this on the ends of your hair to keep them full and moist.

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