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5 Fast And Simple Tests to Check Your Health. Do You Need a Doctor?

Can’t’ catch your breath while you climb the stairs? You feel a strong pain in the back, in the morning when you get up? Do these five tests and find out if everything is okay with your health.

Using a small test you can find out for yourself the condition of your eyes, lungs, hearing, and even of your thyroid gland, but these tests still can not be a substitute for regular medical control.

catch breath

1) Thyroid Gland

When you extend your hands, palms facing down, have someone put a sheet of paper over them. If the paper is shaking, it is possible that your thyroid gland produces too much hormone which is why the pulse is racing and your muscles twitch. Then sit down and cross your legs, and extend that one which is above. Tap with a spoon the Achilles tendon for reflex check. If the thyroid gland produces too little hormone, the reflexes will be slower.

2) Lungs

Lung condition can easily be examined with the two-minute brisk walking or climbing stairs and talk to someone. The exercise stimulates the lungs to work faster. If you run out of breath or you get difficulty breathing so that you are uncomfortable, it’s time for you to go to the doctor.

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