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5 Horrible Truths About The Food We Eat

This will make you think about what we put in our body, about the food we eat.

Food is our most intimate contact with the outside environment. What we eat, digest, absorb and adapt, is what we become. However, we often overeat more than than we should. To make matters worse, most of our meals are eaten in restaurants as takeout.

unhealthy eating

More than half of the calories the average person takes, come from highly processed, low-grade, low- nutrient food – instead of organic, whole foods. It’s like repairing your home with the worst quality material that you can find. Here are some facts that you will open your eyes:

1) Flour and cereal products comprise about 23% of daily calories, of which about 89% are processed. This means that they have lost most of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Processing the grains can affect the blood glucose level, as well as to lead to inflammation of the entire organism.

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