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5 Myths About Dandruff That We Should All Stop Believing

What have you heard about dandruff and thought that is true? Are you 100% sure that is correct?

White spots on black clothes are unpleasant for everyone’s eye. They are almost too small and almost invisible to the human eye.

Dandruff occurs with recovery of old cells. Since when they restore cells produce small flakes, which are hardly visible to the human eye.

What are the common myths about dandruff?

itchy dandruff

1) Stress is the cause of dandruff

Wrong, but there is no theory which proves the contrary. Dandruff occurs as a result of irritations of the fungus that appears on the scalp. The immune system weakens, and stress can contribute to increasing the problem.

2) Dry skin causes dandruff

This opinion is totally wrong. Dandruff appears on dry and oily scalp too. The area where dandruff has appeared is usually a damaged skin and is therefore susceptible to irritation.

That irritation of the scalp makes people itch and they’re doing it without being aware that are scratching their heads. Continuously itching worsens the dandruff and damage the hair roots.

3) Dandruff is passed through combs from another people

Dandruff is an infectious disease that is transmitted through a comb or pillows. The fungus occurs only in those who have a predisposition. In those cases, the fungus attacks and causes dandruff.

4) Dandruff can be obtained by using the wrong hair products

False. Products for hair care and treatments can’t cause the appearance of dandruff. They can make it worse, but in no case they can be the main reason for its occurrence.

Aggressive shampoos that contain alcohol, bleaching hair dye, permanent molding products… They all remove the natural shine and fat from the scalp so they can’t protect the skin and help with the increased occurrence of dandruff.

5) Dandruff can be treated only with prescription drugs

This is by no means true. All symptoms associated with dandruff, such as rough skin, scalp, redness, itching and unpleasant feelings can be successfully nurtured with special and natural products that can be bought in any store or made at home.

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