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5 Powerful Antibiotics That do Not Require a Prescription

As a result of hospital antibiotics, people have ruined their digestive system, and have lowered the natural immunity to various types of infections.

If you want to get rid of infections in a natural way, without digestive destructions, we suggest you to use these 5 powerful natural antibiotics:

Colloidal silver

– Although this has been a powerful antibiotic for centuries, a recent study has also stated that it can kill antibiotic resistant microbes such as the bird flu, MRSA, and SARS.


– In the 1700s it was used to ward off the plague. It possesses antiviral, antibiotic, and antimicrobial properties and has been able to help facilitate and protect removal of aggressive bacteria.

– Contains natural antioxidants that kill free radicals, and thus holds up a strong immune system.

– Allicin is the active ingredient that is the key component to killing off dangerous bacteria. You can just crush it, and eat it raw to activate these components. You can also use it lightly cooked food or in a warm tea.


– It has been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of infections. It was traditionally used to treat diphtheria, wounds, blood poisoning and other illnesses related to bacteria.

– Today, it is used for flu and colds, because it is able to destroy the most threatening forms of bacteria like staphylococcus, which causes MRSA.

Oregano oil

– It is antifungal and antiviral and takes care of pathogenic bacteria.
– Carvacrol is the key antimicrobial ingredients. So, make sure that the source is 70%  carvacrol content so that it can be effective.

Manuka honey

– Perhaps the most edible antibiotic is the Manuka honey. It can destroy a wide range of pathogens such as flesh eating bacteria and MRSA.

Other natural antibiotics are pau d’arco, reishi, Una de Gato, cloves, olive leaf extract, turmeric, and lemons.

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