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5 Things (Not) to Consume When You’re Hangover

The battle with a hangover is the biggest defeat we face the next day, after a good party, if we exclude opening our wallet.

The consequences usually come in the form of nausea, irritable headaches and general discomfort.

If it is too late and you have already arrived to “as of today I am not drinking”, means that you are up to the last stage and only these 5 ingredients can help:

1. Get rid of caffeine

–          Even though it is against all the natural urges you have in the morning, when you are facing a hangover, coffee is prohibited. Caffeine only makes an additional stress on the body.

2. Vitamin B

–          Vitamin B is necessary to expel toxins from the body. Take a B-complex in the morning after consuming alcohol and you will see how things become easier.

3. Eat food that contains enzymes

–          Green leafy vegetables, apple cider vinegar and turmeric are a good way to cleanse the body. Foods high in protein such as eggs and avocado, will give strength to the whole organism, so combine wisely.

4. Drink mineral water with magnesium

–          Magnesium is an important electrolyte for hydration, but also a natural cure for anxiety with which you are probably facing in the morning. The mineral water restores pH balance in the body.

5. Water, water, water

–          The last and most important rule is liters of water. Also, add a little lemon to recharge your batteries faster.


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