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6 Best Foods For Reducing Flatulence

If you want to lose weight, except increasing physical activity, what you have to look out for is what kind of food do you eat. We offer you a short list of foods that will help you reduce flatulence and to get the desired effect of a flat stomach.


One of our favorite vegetables. Perfect combination with tomatoes or zucchini. Due to the large quantity of water that’s in cucumber, ideal for detoxification. Contains very few calories so you can eat it at any time of day without a guilty conscience.


One piece of watermelon has no more than 100 calories and doesn’t contain sugar. Just like the cucumber, it also has a large percentage of water. Our advice is: when you want to eat something sweet, replace the piece of chocolate with a piece of watermelon. You’ll feel the effect of reduced flatulence the very next day.

Egg White

If you want so much to eat omelette, make one with only the whites and you’ll have no problems with flatulence. The white of the egg is rich in protein and it is a real diuretic which will relieve the pressure from the stomach.

Black grapes

A real pleasure to all senses, but also a real treat for the stomach. Black grapes reduces flatulence in the stomach and ideally reduces the need for sugar. Put the grapes in the fridge overnight and the next day you have a great healthy snack.

Cold coffee

Avoid carbonated drinks. Beside that they will give you some extra calories, they will make you feel like a bubble. When you want to refresh, use cold tea or coffee. Do not forget to be careful in sweetening these drinks. Use sugar in the smallest possible quantities.


With this tasty vegetable, you can prepare a bunch of meals. Simply combine it with other vegetables. They are ideal ingredient for easy low calorie lunch or dinner.

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