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6 Cooking Advice That Will Help You Survive in The Kitchen

Here are some of the best culinary advice that you haven’t heard before!

1. Salt

When cooking with salt, it seems that the salt makes the water even warmer, which means that the food in the water which has salt will cook faster. The salt will increase the boiling point from 100 to 106 C. So, do not put salt in the water to boil faster. Put it to improve the taste. And please, do not overdo.

2. Oil and pasta

Adding oil to the water in which you cook spaghetti will not help them not to stick to each other. Oil can prevent the water from boiling and unfortunately prevents the sauce to permeate well with the spaghetti.

Burnt Dinner

3. Vitamins and cooking

Cooked vegetables don’t taste as fresh, but they still contain many important minerals and fiber. However, vitamins, soluble in water, can be partially destroyed by cooking.

4. Cooking with alcohol

If you are cooking with alcohol, it might take a little longer than without it. A dish that can simmer for 20 minutes, if you add wine or other alcohol, you’ll increase the cooking time for 20 more minutes.

5. Washing mushrooms

Mushrooms should not be soaked in water to clean them, they should be only rinsed under running water.

6. Cooking beans

Cooking beans with salt make the beans tougher. Well, that’s not true. This misconception exists as long as the cooking beans exist. The salt makes the beans creamy and tastier.

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