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6 Golden Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Live By

Girls, it’s time to admit that we do not talk enough about underwear. Proof? Did you know that the wrong pair of underwear during exercise can increase the risk of infections? Or that there are moments when it is better not to wear underwear? Because we are almost certain that you did not know, we prepared 6 important rules that we definitely must know.

lace underwear

1. Let it breathe

– Besides being incredibly uncomfortable, when you wear it for a longer period of time, tight underwear is very unhealthy for your vagina, because it prevents airing. Besides the tailoring, the material is also important.

– Cotton underwear is the best, because it allows the skin to breathe. The synthetic materials retain moisture and can create skin irritation.

– Although cotton is the first and best choice, sometimes it looks bad under clothing. That is why there are other choices such as: polyester, nylon, Lycra or girdles – these materials are sometimes more stretchy and look better under clothing, and still have cotton parts.

2. Use laundry detergent which doesn’t trigger skin irritations

– Pay as much as possible attention on the skin “down there”. Use hypoallergenic powder that is made for sensitive skin – without dyes and perfumes. Also avoid rinsing the clothing if there are also your panties. If you rinse your panties, you risk destroying them, because they will become worn out and plus, you may be exposed to chemicals that in reaction with the band create an allergic skin reaction.

3. Change them

– It is obvious, right? Besides the fact that you should change them daily, you should also avoid sitting in a wet pair, especially in a sultry summer afternoon, or worse after exercise, because that is the easiest way to attach a yeast infection.

– Underwear collects moisture, and bacteria and fungi love to multiply in warm and moist environments. Whether you are susceptible to infections or not, use the moisture as a sign that you should get rid of your panties. If you have a vaginal discharge – you feel the humidity, it is time to put them in the washing machine.

– It is also important to know that panties have a shelf life – when the band is loosened, they do not fit and create additional friction, it is time to throw them away and buy a new pair.

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