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6 Possible Reasons Why You Fell Itchy Down There

Itching in the genital area can be a consequence of various factors, from disruption of hormones to sexually transmitted diseases.

All of them can be treated in different ways, but it is important to know the reasons that cause them, so you can adequately treat them.

These are the 6 most common reasons for itching that you feel in the lower area:

vaginal itching

1. Fungal infections

Because of disruption of the natural acidity of the vagina, vaginal itching and fungal infections can occur. They might appear after the use of some antibiotics, hormonal contraception, due to stress or when you change your diet.

In fungal infections, a thick white discharge occurs and it is rarely spread to men. It is recommended to be washed with mild products and use some anti fungal creams.

2. Sexually transmitted diseases

Some of the sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and also the pubic lice can cause itching. In that case you should buy a proper shampoo against lice, from a pharmacy, remove the pubic hair and you will get rid of them.

3. Sclerosis moss

It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease whose main symptom is vulvar irritation with the appearance of white spots on the skin. The disease should be diagnosed by a gynecologist and treated with prescription drugs.

4. Eczema and psoriasis

This skin disease can cause redness, rash and itching in the genital area. Weak corticosteroid as hydrocortisone and a shower gel with oatmeal can relieve discomfort. If after a weak you don’t feel comfort, you must go to a gynecologist.

5. Hormones

In any hormonal changes (during the monthly cycle, pregnancy, menopause or if you use contraceptive pills) vaginal itching can occur. Vaginal dryness is an indicator that the hormones are responsible for itching. Avoid using aromatic sanitary napkins that may irritate your genitals. If the itching becomes frequent, visit a gynecologist.

6. Other diseases

Vaginal itching can also occur as a consequence of other health problems such as gall and kidney stones. In that case you should treat primarily the illness, so that the itching can disappear.

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