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6 Toxins We Are Exposed to Everyday Without Even Realizing it

Read what are the toxins , the harmful ingredients that unconsciously, every day, we put into our body, and what to do to protect yourself from them.

1. Bisphenol A – it is a great component of plastic bottles, and is used for covering the interior of cans. Encourages early entry into puberty and can cause problems with fertility, and heart disease. Avoid canned food. If you are using plastic bottles, it is important to choose those marked BPA free.

2. Phthalates – Located in plastic bags, in cosmetics and some gels. Disrupt the hormonal balance in the body, and especially damage the secretion of testosterone. Avoid products with artificial fragrances, and try to put food in ceramic and glass containers instead of plastic ones.

3. Perchlorate – You can find perchlorate mostly in eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables. Affect the work of the thyroid gland and complicated the use of iodine. Focus to expand the menu with foods rich in iodine, such as seafood.

4. Lead – the biggest pollutant that can be found even in water. Can cause increased stress hormone, cortisol, and can also deposit in the legs and cause problems with circulation and motor skills. Try to drink filtrated water and eat organic food.

5. Mercury – Mercury is a byproduct of heavy industry that can be found in many fish and seafood. It damages the pancreatic cells that regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Do not avoid fish and seafood, but look for smaller fish, because if the fish is smaller, the ability to absorb this metal is even smaller.

6. Fluoridated chemicals – located in pizza cartons or packs of popcorn made in a microwave. These chemicals also affect the work of the thyroid gland, and thus all the hormones in the body. Several studies have found that they can adversely affect fertility in both sexes.


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