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6 Ways How You Are Destroying Your Own Immune System! STOP DOING THAT!

Are you often sick? If so, it is very likely that your immune system is weakened. A strong immune system is important for a prevention of disease. We are not all born with strong immune systems, but there are ways to strengthen it.

The immune system is the one that helps defend the body from diseases and conditions caused by infections. Also, the immune system is one that helps prevent the formation of cancerous cells.

Your immune system can be weakened for various reasons, so it’s about time that you finally quit some unhealthy habits that are slowly killing you.

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1) Stress

Chronic stress can increase the risk of flu and colds and more serious health problems such as heart disease or diabetes type 2. If you ignore chronic stress, you are putting your health at great risk. Chronic stress can lead to chronically high levels of stress hormones and weaken the immune system.

2) Improper nutrition

Long-term unhealthy diet, consumption of refined sugar and foods loaded with pesticides and additives can weaken the immune system. A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy body. It should include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. One study found that the ability of white blood cells to defend the body against bacteria significantly lowers 5 hours after eating 100g of sugar.

3) Excessive alcohol consumption

When alcohol is consumed in excessive amounts, it can reduce the ability of cells to destroy bacteria. A damaged immune system is an inevitable consequence of long-term excessive alcohol consumption. In short, excessive consumption of alcohol will increase the frequency of colds and flu.

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