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7 Important Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore


–          Ringing phone – some part of your personality is getting in touch with you like it needs to.

–          Not answering the phone – you are choosing to ignore the messages.


–          A feeling that there is something that is hidden from you.

–          And empty box – indicates a sense of disappointment.

–          Lots of boxes – you have trouble with processing your feelings and you have the need to hide those feelings away.


–          It is usually classified as a lucid dream.

–          A wake up call from your subconscious mind.

–          It can also mean you have trouble in your waking life and you try to rise above.


–          A symbol of the journey through life.

–          A clear, paved path or road – your journey going forward.

–          A foggy, murky, hard to navigate – a possible fear of the future.

Moon dreams

–          Shows an unseen, hidden, or slightly a creative side of yourself that is trying to escape.


–          A budding flower – indicator of new opportunities.

–          Sprouting plants – it may mean that some of your sewn seeds are about to spring to life.

–          Dead flowers – some chapter of your life might be ending.


–          It reflects the ambition in your life.

–          Dreaming of the ocean – might be time to take on risks and bigger opportunities.

–          Dreaming of small ponds and shallow streams – might be a sign of over-reaching.

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