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7 Seemingly Harmless Symptoms That Are Saying: YOU’RE HAVING A HEART ATTACK!

4) Pain in the jaw

In case of a heart attack it is possible to feel pain in the jaw because the nerves are close to those that come from the heart. If the pain is constant, you probably have a problem with your teeth. However, if the pain reappears and is in a stronger form, that means that you have heart problems.

heart attack

5) Nausea / vomiting

It might be more than just some cold or viruses, especially if these problems are accompanied by shortness of breath, cold sweat, or pain in the chest or the back.

6) Pressure or tingling in the chest or the back

Women often describe the stroke as a feeling of pressure and heaviness in the chest. The pain may not be severe or sudden and may appear and disappear in a few weeks. It is often wrongly assumed that it is a digestive or interference with heartburn. If the discomfort does not appear soon after a meal, you have indigestion (which you did not have before) and a feeling of nausea, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

7) Unexplained Extreme Fatigue

You can’t walk long time or you have to rest while engaging in your normal daily activities. This could be a sign that your heart does not receive enough blood quickly.

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