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8 Facts About Fiber You Would Like to Know

This is why fiber is important and why we are bombarded by advertisements and packaging with promise of the highest percentage of fiber…

1. Fiber keeps you from overeating because it requires more chewing, so the body has time to register the food intake and satiety.

2. The fibers reduce caloric intake because you feel full.

3. It is better to eat foods full of fiber than supplements because they contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.


4. If you recently have rapidly gained weight, you have high cholesterol or sugar, your body probably is trying to say that you don’t eat enough fiber.

5. Many processed products with fiber as well as supplements include artificial sweeteners, laxatives and other unnecessary ingredients. Read the labels first and then decide what to buy.

6. The richest foods in fiber are: beans, bran, prunes and algae. Different fibers are actually an integral part of fresh fruits and vegetables and unprocessed grains.

7. Among other things, fiber reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, protect against colon cancer and kidney stones.

8. The optimal daily dose of the fibers should be 38 grams for males and 25 grams for females.

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