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8 TOXIC Thoughts You Need to Let Them GO. Immediately!

We go through different phases in our life that not always are positive. Most often we lack self-confidence and self-love and we wallow in self-pity. Mostly we contemplate about love, money, worthiness, happiness.

All you need to do is, get rid of the negativity and worry that is infiltrating your life. But, you are the only one that can help you do this.

Here are some thoughts you need to get rid of immediately:

1. “I am lonely.”

– We often feel this way because of an unsuccessful relationship or minor problems that may seem big only in the moment. This often happens to young people, worried that they will never find a loved one again. But instead of feeling lonely because of one person, you should think about the other people in your life that are present. That means you are not lonely, nor alone. The only time you are wasting, is the time you spend thinking you are alone.

– But if you feel comfortable with being alone for a period of time, try to think of it as a time where you enjoy and appreciate yourself enough to be alone. Practice solitude.

2. “My body is not good enough and I do not like it.”

– The thing you should ask yourself is ‘to whom’? To whom is your body not good enough? The path to self-confidence is, loving yourself the way you are. People smell insecurity. You cannot change your body for someone else’s, but you can improve the one you have. Only you, can help you.

– Think of it as your body being a gift not a right, and appreciate and cherish it!

3. “I am not happy with my career/job.”

– A career choice should not be focused on what allows you to make the most money or what is most fun to you. Other choices might offer a more fulfilling path.

– Focus more on what you give than what you receive. Practice humility.

4. “I am not worthy of affection, I am not loveable.”

– This belief is often derived from what we think others think of us. What other think of us is not what we really are. Self-love is one of the most important things we should nourish. You are not others, and you know yourself better than anyone else. Once you comprehend that you will feel better.

– Have in mind: love yourself first, then other.

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