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9 Reasons Why Obesity is Not Just a Choice

A lot of people blame obesity on inactivity and poor dietary choices, but it is not that simple. Other factors can have effects on obesity and body weight, some of which are not in the person’s control.

These factors may be: environmental, genetics, certain medical conditions etc.

Here are 9 reasons why obesity is not just a choice.

1. Genetics and prenatal factors – The mother’s weight, genetics and family history can increase the chance of childhood and adult obesity.

2. Birth, infancy and childhood habits – Some childhood factors may affect the risk of obesity: birth, breastfeeding and childhood exercise and dietary habits.

3. Medication or medical conditions – Gaining weight is a common side effect of a lot of medications: antidepressants, diabetes medications and antipsychotics.

4. Powerful hunger hormones – Powerful hormones control hunger. Obese people have a serious problem with many of these hormones that cause a strong physiological drive to eat more and get fat.

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