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9 Ridiculous Myths About Low-carb Diets

A lot of people claim that it is best that we eat a low-carb diet. Other people believe that this diet is harmful and unsustainable.

This article lists 9 myths about low-carb diet.

  1. Low-carb is a fad diet – Calling this diet a “fad diet” is wrong, because it has been around for decades and has been supported by science.

2. Low-carb diets are hard to stick to – A study has shown that a lot of people made it to the end with this diet. So, the data does not support the claim that low-carb diets are hard to stick to.

3. Most of the weight lost comes from water weight – It is true that people on this diet lose a lot of excess water, but they also lose a lot of body fat, especially from the abdominal area and liver.

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