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9 Ridiculous Myths About Low-carb Diets

4. Low-carb diets are bad for your heart – This is not true, because these diets improve most of the important risk factors for heart disease, such as HDL (the “good” cholesterol goes up), blood triglycerides (goes down), insulin resistance (decreases), blood pressure (goes down) and inflammation (may be reduced)
5. Low-carb diets only work because people eat fewer calories – This is true, and also it has metabolic health benefits.

6. Low-carb diets reduce your intake of healthy plant foods – Berries, vegetables, seeds and nuts are examples of healthy plant foods that have low carbs.

7. “Ketosis” is a dangerous metabolic state – The very low-carb diet leads to a metabolic state called ketosis. Ketoacidosis is different than ketosis, and this is the state that is dangerous and only happens in uncontrolled diabetes.

8. The brain needs glucose (carbs) to function – Part of the brain can use ketones as fuel with this diet. So, the body can still produce the little glucose it needs to function.

9. Low-carb diets will destroy your physical performance – It is true that the body may need a few weeks to adapt, but this diet is not detrimental to physical performance.

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