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9 Useful Cooking Advice From The World’s Best Chefs


1. Cooking very much depends on the mood. Reduce the stress and cook in good mood .

2. The less supplies you include in the food, the higher cooking temperature and shorter cooking time.

3. Keep spices in a dark and cool place. Don’t you keep them in a warm and light place, because they lose its flavor .

4. If you’re cooking for guests, never try out a new recipe .


5. You can freeze your sauces in an ice tray. So you can have sauce ready whenever you need it.

6. Do not fry chicken with garlic, because the garlic will absorb all the flavor of the chicken. Instead, make a garlic sauce and served it with the chicken.

7. Always buy good quality olive oil. The oil with low quality can completely ruin the taste .

8. Always use sharp knives .

9. Fry the eggs in olive oil.

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