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9 Ways to Naturally Cure Headache Without Any Drugs

Headaches seem to be an unfortunate part of our lives. A lot of people reach out to drugs to stop the headache. But these drugs can cause other problems such as liver failure.

So, it is best if we tried some natural ways to stop the headache instead of using pills.

Here are some great tips how to do that:

1. Drink water

Dehydration may be a cause of headaches, so you should try drinking some water.

2. Eat something

Low blood sugar can also be a cause of headaches. You should try eating something, containing protein.

3. Hot / cold compresses

You can choose whatever feels better to you. Different headache causes will require ice or heat, and you can use a washcloth with cold or hot water, or a rice-filled heating pad.

4. Warm / hot bath

Take a bath and relax. If you are sensitive to heat or pregnant, don’t make it too hot. You can use wintergreen, clove or lavender essential oil. Clove and wintergreen are the most effective, but can be dangerous, especially for pregnant women. You can use lavender, because it is safe.

5. Massage

Rub anywhere tension may be, such as neck, temples, shoulders. This will help you relax and the headache will go away.

6. Rest

You can lie down for awhile, or try to sleep if you can. Sometimes headaches are a sign that you need some sleep.

7. Exercise

Sometimes, if you are too still (sitting in an uncomfortable chair, lying around too much) can make your head hurt. You should get up and stretch out, move around, get the blood flowing again and loosen tense muscles.

8. Examine your diet

MSG and other food additives can cause headaches. If this happens, you may just have to ride it out, but you can prevent this in the future.

9. Arnica

If you apply arnica salve to any sore spot it may ease the pain and help your headache disappear.

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