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9 Ways to Spot Fake Honey From The Real One

There is less local honey from year to year, thanks to climate change, which in no way is favorable to the bees. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all of its benefits, getting your hand on a “real” honey has become a real achievement. And not to mislead you, we offer you some tips on how to identify real honey and treat your body and health.

Honey Real

1. Rub a little honey between the thumb and the index finger until it falls apart. Some of the honey will absorb into the skin, because pure honey is good for the skin. Real honey is not sticky. If that what you rub is glutinous, it means that it contains sugar or an artificial sweetener.

2. Place a few drops of honey on a piece of paper or a paper towel. Real honey will not break through the piece of paper for a long time, since it doesn’t have water.

3. Place a little honey near ants. Bees naturally build a hive on trees and among rocks. They place honey in order to protect themselves against pests, like ants. Ants will not touch real honey.

4. Fill a glass of water and put one tablespoon of honey. Real honey will clot and fall to the bottom, while fake honey will start to dissolve.

5. Put some honey on a slice of bread. Real honey will solidify the bread for a few minutes. The artificial honey will moisten the bread, because it contains water.

6. Real honey will present a feeling of pins and needles in your mouth just before you swallow it. Fake honey can’t achieve that.

7. Watch if the honey would crystallize over time. The fake honey will remain thick as syrup, regardless of how long it is kept, while real honey would crystallize.

8. Dip the top of the matches in the honey and try to light it. The real honey will not be a problem for the matches to light up. Fake honey has water so the matches won’t be able to light up.

9. Put two to three teaspoons of honey in the microwave. Heat it with a high temperature. Real honey will quickly caramelize and become foamy. Fake honey will be hard to caramelize and will be full of bubbles. 

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