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All Natural Powerful Drink for Treating Iodine Deficiency

This drink successfully treats thyroid in case of lack of iodine. Only one round of this drink will be enough.

Recipe for the drink:


– 40 pieces of small green walnuts

– 1 kg of a homemade honey

– One large or several small glass jars


Wash the walnuts, then dry them and pierce them with a needle several times, or make thin cuts in them with a sharp knife. Put them in a jar, then cover them with honey and leave them out, exposed to the sun. This process should last for at least 40 days, and then using a strainer pour the liquid in a glass bottle.


The therapy with this drink lasts until it is finished. Drink it every morning in a gin glass i.e. 0,5 dl., on an empty stomach. If you still experience troubled with the thyroid, repeat this therapy several times.

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