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All You Need to Know About Apples


Apple fruit is a delicious and crunchy fruit that is cherished by millions of health lover’s world wide.

This wonderful fruits are packed with important health promoting phytonutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants that are hard to find in other fruits. No wonder health experts say, “eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Apples belong to rosaceae family. They thrive well in areas that have distinct winter period generally between latitude 30° and 60°. The outer skin of the fruit is shiny smooth, reddish or yellowish or greenish in color. It’s inside flesh is whitish and has mix of mild sweet and tart taste.

Fresh apples are readily available in grocery stores or supermarkets throughout the year but you should always be savvy when choosing fresh apples. Fresh apples have bright and firm texture.

Avoid apples with cuts or pressure marks on the surface because these are sings of underlying mottled of pulp and overstayed stock.

Ripe apple can stay intact at room temperature for few days but if you need to store it a bit longer –not longer than 3 weeks, keep it refrigerated to preserve its freshness.


Nutritional Facts of Apple Fruit

  • Apple fruit is highly rich in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins but very low in calories and fats and with zero cholesterol. 
  • Fiber prevents absorption of bad LDL cholesterol in the gut and it also helps cleans the digestive system and remove toxins that would otherwise cause harm. 
  • This fruit is loaded with strong anti-oxidants and phytonutrients like polyphenols, beta-carotene and flavonoids that help prevent oxidation of free radical cells and decreasing risks of chronic diseases like cancer and blood pressure. 
  • Apple is highly rich in vitamins (like vitamin B-complex and C) and micro-minerals, which help strengthen the immune system.fresh apple

Serving Tips

As usual before eating any fruit, wash the apple with plenty of clean water to remove any pesticide residue or dust on the surface.

Apple skin is very nutritious and you should not peal it off. Eat it as a whole to get the full benefits of apple fruit.

Cut the fruit into desirable pieces and then remove the seed. The seeds are not appetizing because their bitter taste.

Cut apple turns to brown color on exposure to air for few minutes. This is because apple is rich in irons and they get oxidized when exposed to air. To prevent it turning brown, sprinkle some few drops of lemon juice to the flesh.

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