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Are You Sitting in Front of a Computer All Day? Then This Yoga Pose is Just For You

Long hours hunched over your keyboard leads to weakness, numbness or pain in your arms, wrist and hands (CTS – carpal tunnel syndrome), so you need to take a break and stretch.

Yoga poses designed for stretching the upper body improve grip strength and reduce pain in CTS sufferers.

Timothy McCall, M.D. author of Yoga As Medicine, says “how much tension you hold in the muscles of the chest, neck, arms and shoulders, as well as how relaxed you are, can have a profound effect on the wrists”. Take back your finger flexion and release your wrists with two stretches.

Counter-top stretch

Facing a desk or a counter-top, stand an arm length away with the feet forward and hip distance apart.

Relax the shoulders back and down, and elongate the neck.

While exhaling, fold at the hips and reach the arms onto the surface in front of you. The hands should be flat on the desk, and the wrists flush with the edge, and keep the ears in line with your biceps.

Lengthen the sides of the body.

Stay for 8-10 breaths. Sink pull stand with the back, place your fingers, except for the thumb inside the front edge. The feet are parallel.

While inhaling, arch gently from the upper back, as your hips will come slightly forward, but be careful not to allow the arch to come from the lower back, because this can cause pain. Focus on bringing the shoulder blades down and in to open the upper back.

Leave your head to drop slightly back.

Stay for 8-10 breaths, as you can feel the chest opening with each inhalation.


Source: Just Naturally Healthy

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