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Bad Breath Killer – Simple Parsley Drink!


In addition to regular brushing and maintain good hygiene of the oral cavity, so there won’t be any problems with your breath, you should also be careful with what kind of food do you eat, because the unpleasant odor may be coming from your stomach.

To deal with both problems at once, we present you a natural and inexpensive drink of parsley that eliminates bad breath and you can prepare it easy and quickly by yourself.

The green leaves from a parsley have strong and fresh flavor, and their intense green color, which indicates the abundance of chlorophyll, is the best natural fighter against bad breath because its antibacterial capabilities.


While chewing the fresh leaves of parsley are recommended after consuming a meal which contains compounds that cause bad breath, parsley tea is the most practical and efficient method for eliminating the bad bacteria from your mouth.

And here is the recipe for this miraculous drink:


  • – Half bunch fresh parsley,
  • – Half a liter of water.

Place a half liter of water in a pot, add the chopped parsley and allow to simmer for about 5 minutes. Then strain the drink, cool it and consume it after every meal.

This tea is not recommended for pregnant women because it cause uterine bleeding and contractions.

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