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Be Carefull: One of The Greatest Pleasure Can Increase The Risk of Cancer by 22 Times

You have probably heard, at least once, that the virus HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), carries a risk of disease of cervical cancer, but that is not the only danger. You are exposed to it more than you think.

HPV is a virus that has many species, some of which cause cancer. It was mainly believed that cancer of the head or throat is caused by excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

However, scientists were not clearly sure how the cancer that usually binds to cervical cancer becomes throat cancer. The resemblance was there, but the method was unclear.

And then they figured it out. The main culprit for the transmission of HPV virus in the throat and stomach is oral sex.

People suffering from HPV have 32 times greater chance of developing cancer, and if the virus is set in the throat, the chance of getting a tumor is 22 times more than usual.

HPV is a major culprit for throat cancer than alcohol and cigarettes.

Almost everyone, at some point in life, will get HPV, and those with low immunity are more vulnerable. However, in rare cases the virus strengthens and causes cancer of the uterus, penis, anus, vagina, or mouth.

Throat cancer is twice as much common in men, than in women. It is most frequent among heterosexual men in their 40s and 50s. It is more risky to have sex with a woman than with a man.

Michael Douglas has publicly indicated that due to oral sex he got throat cancer, and with the support of this wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and the medical team, he managed to beat cancer.





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