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The Best 1 Minute Exercise For Sciatica Pain Provided By Experts [VIDEO]

Nowadays, a large number of people suffer from sciatica pain. Since this is a very common disease, the term sciatica is domesticated, although it is often used by other names such as lumbago, pain in the lower back etc…

sciatica pain

Symptoms that indicate that it is sciatica:

  • – Strong, sharp pain in the lower back that extends to the leg through the gluteal region, sometimes all the way to the toes (rarely occurs in both two legs).
  • – Pain is aggravated when sitting.
  • – Burning sensation and numbness along the entire length of the legs.
  • – Weakness, numbness, or failure to control leg movements.
  • – Weaken support to the foot and maybe paresis to the feet and reduced or limited function of the foot.
  • – Constant pain that may make it difficult getting up and walking.

The feeling of pain can range from occasional, moderate and irritating, to fierce, constant and almost paralyzing. Onset can be gradual or sudden. Although symptoms can be very pronounced and painful, it is rare to come to permanent nerve damage.

Exercises for sciatica that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back and legs, with proper posture and maintain normal body weight are the best prevention. They will reduce the pressure on the lower spine and keep it from damage. Recommended: swimming, yoga, Pilates, running, aerobics and many more.

We can help you with this video provided from SciaticaTreatment.net in which you can see how in just 1 min. a day, you can relief your pain and cure sciatica:

2 thoughts on “The Best 1 Minute Exercise For Sciatica Pain Provided By Experts [VIDEO]

  • March 9, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    swimming, yoga, Pilates, running, aerobics and many more. You want people with this problem to do that? I have walked a mile with this problem and woke up the next morning in tears from the pain in my hip.

    • March 9, 2015 at 3:39 pm

      These physical activities are recommended as the best prevention, it says in the text. Not cure, prevention. And no one should start swimming 5 miles or pro-yoga when in pain. On the other hand, the exercises in the video are recommended when you suffer from the pain, from experts in that field (see the links).
      I had the same problem. I start with massages and yoga. Then these exercises. It wasn’t easy. Now I run, swim when I can, and practise yoga. As prevention.


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