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The Best Diet For Flat Stomach And Perfect Abs

The stomach is the most critical zone for both male and female. It is familiar that without reducing all fat in our body it is impossible to remove the extra fat from the stomach. According the recommendation of many experts, the best way to make our tummy flat is combination of balance food and specific exercises. It is almost impossible to do that without any exercises.

effective diet

So, in this article we’ll give you a menu for a great diet for flat stomach:

Breakfast: one cup of cereal with milk (you can use almond milk, rice milk, walnut milk, coconut milk…)

Snack: almonds, nuts or hazelnuts- not more than 50 grams.

Lunch: you can eat any type of fish but make sure you prepare it without using any oil, so the best way is to be boiled or bake it on a grill, you can also eat 1 peace of diet bread.

Snack: one apple or pear or peach, strawberries, blackberries. 

Dinner: vegetable soup (without any pasta) tuna or sardine but make sure you take the oil out, peace of diet bread. You can also eat this other combination of vegetable soup again without pasta, glass of yogurt and diet bread, or vegetable soup, two boiled eggs and a tomato.

Important advice:

  • Don’t eat at least three hours before you go to sleep,
  • Avoid eating sugar, sweets or chips,
  • Don’t drink beer, soda, coke, or any kind of sodas that contains sugar,
  • Don’t eat white bread.

If you eat right and healthy, and do the exercises, it is only matter of time when your abs will be in excellent shape, and most importantly – you will feel great in your own skin. And you should take some vitamins too.

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