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The Best Natural Mask For Acne Treatment That Helped Thousands of People to Get Rid of This Problem


Acne is the number one health problem among teenagers. Nearly half of the teens have a serious problem with acne. But acne except among teenagers, can be a problem in other age groups. Some people have a lifetime problem with acne and they are trying in every way to cope with them, while at some people they never appear. They are not a health issue, but a big aesthetic problem that destroys confidence in teenagers .

Today we will present you an old recipe for making a mask of yeast. But before you read the recipe, we will give you a few tips on what to look out for to reduce the problem with acne:face mask

– Above all, be careful not to eat fat, too greasy foods, mayonnaise, etc… All these products contribute to the process of making acne.

– Eat plenty of fruits regularly, do not miss a day without fruit. Except that, the healthy condition of the whole body will lead to a reduction of acne .

– Treat your skin with a lotion that is approved by dermatologists, not an alcohol based lotion. Alcohol dries the skin and can do more harm than good.

– Do not touch your sensitive skin with dirty hands .

– Do not squeeze your acne. This is the most common solution among teenagers, but not warranted. Pressing can cause infections and leave scars that will result with nasty aesthetic problem .

– Wash and clean your face at least three times a day.honey

And here is the mask recipe:


1 tbsp dry yeast

1 tbsp hot water

1 tsp honey

1 tsp gelatin powder


Add the yeast to the boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool completely for about 5 minutes. Add the honey and the gelatin powder. Stir well and immediately apply the mixture on the face. Do not wait because the mask with gelatin which needs short time to tighten .

Keep your mask for 30 minutes on your face, then pill of the mask and wash your face with lukewarm water. Dry your face with a gentle patting with a clean cloth and then apply the cream that you apply regularly.


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