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Born in 1901 and Still Vital. His SECRET: “I Experienced 113 Years Because of These 5 Foods” [VIDEO]

Born back in 1901, Bernando LaPallo is still vital, and believes that the good health and long life is because of his special diet.

This elderly gentleman from Arizona says he avoided eating red meat, and his diet mainly consists of organic fruits and vegetables. He used this special diet on behalf of his father who was a doctor and very disciplined man.


These foods are most commonly found on the Bernando LaPallo menu:


For centuries garlic is used as a medicine, primarily because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.


The best natural sweetener is full of medicinal ingredients. If you want to sweeten your meal, Bernando recommends honey.


This aromatic food also contains beneficial ingredients. It can lower the blood cholesterol and act preventative in the occurrence of diabetes.


This treat rightly has the name food of the gods. And if you thought that it was a treat only intended for children, you are wrong. Bernando says that chocolate is the key ingredient for long life.

Olive oil

This oil beneficially affects your health and you should consume it more often.

Watch the video below:

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