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Celiac Disease – an Insidious Disease That we Discover Too Late

Abdominal pain, diarrhea and other digestive disorders are the most obvious signs that gluten, protein from wheat, rye and barley, destroys the intestinal villus.

But celiac disease hides behind as many as 300 different symptoms, some of which at first glance have nothing to do with digestion.

celiac disease

According to an American research, people who suffer from celiac disease have 30% higher risk of fractures, and even 69% higher risk of hip fractures. The most likely cause for this is that their organism cannot so effectively utilize calcium from food. Especially watch out for symptoms of premature osteoporosis, such as frequent fractures or bad posture.

Perhaps you are a little unstable when you get up or you often stumble, and you used to walk nimbly as a cat. Problems with balance, tingling in the hands in the feet, numb fingers, are all neurological symptoms associated with celiac disease.

Doctors do not understand exactly why, but magnetic resonance imaging in patients with celiac disease showed changes in the brain and lower density of grey matter in areas that regulate motor and cognitive skills.

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