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Chase Away the Annoying Mosquitoes With Plants From Your Garden

Mosquitoes arrive with the first heat wave, so now is a good time to learn how to prevent the unpleasant stings. Many famous herbs can very quickly expel the annoying insects. Some of the herbs can be planted and grown in your garden, and you can break their leaves with your fingers and then cover your skin. Other plants whose essential oils are expelling mosquitoes, you can easily find in stores.



This herb is very widespread. You can rub it on your skin and its sweet lemon scent will reject mosquitoes. Melissa is also known as a calming antibacterial herb.

Valerian (cat grass)

This fragrant herb that comes from the menthol family contains nepetalactone, which refuses various insects, and its smell on your skin will expel the mosquitoes.


The powerful lavender is known as herb that keeps the mosquitoes away, and also moths and flies. Given the volume and intensity of its characteristic odor, you can hang lavender sachets around the house. If you don’t expel the insects in this way, then rub lavender on your skin.


Mosquitoes cannot endure the smell of this favorite spice, and numerous studies show that essential oils found in basil are toxic to mosquitoes.

Sage and rosemary

If you plan a gathering outdoors, you can light a small fire in the old grill. Put in it a little sage and rosemary. The scent that will spread will be pleasant to the nose, but unpleasant to mosquitoes.


This herb has long been known as one of the herbs that drives mosquitoes away. Essential oils of citronella can be found in all herbal drugstores. Mix it with natural oil for body of your desire and spread it.

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